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About Us in Abington, MA

At The Lobster Barn, we have 35 years of seafood industry experience. Although they settled in the town of Abington, MA almost 25 years ago, the McHugh's are actually a third generation fishing family.
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Reader's Choice Award for Best Fish Market and Best Seafood Take-Out for 9 Years in a Row
I began my offshore fishing career working the frigid waters off the Canadian coast and over the years migrated south to the waters of Cape Cod to lobster commercially. In my time at sea I fished for many of the species that New Englanders regularly dine on. Trips into the North Atlantic took many days of hard work to fill the ships hold with catch. Although every fish in the hold had been swimming only a few days before, the savvy fish buyer always sought out the vessel just pulling in for he was looking for "Top Of The Trip" grade fish for absolute freshness.

We started the business in 1991 to provide customers with a convenient place to shop for top-quality seafood. To ensure its quality, we hand select all of our offerings and allow you to get a good look at them when you shop. Whether it is a ground-fish, swordfish, salmon or dry sea scallops, all of the Lobster Barn's fish are "Top Of The Trip" selections. The Lobster Barn's commitment to freshness is second to none. Once you have experience the freshness difference it is easy to understand why many of our customers travel great distances.